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What we offer.

Progesterone Test
A progesterone test is a blood test. It can help us check on ovulation or possible fertility problems.
On-site Semen Bank
We offer canine semen freezing and storage services, collection and shipping kits, and artificial insemination supplies.
Fertility Evaluation
Semen Evaluation. Semen evaluation can be useful at all stages of a dog’s stud career.
Shipping of Sperm
When using collected semen for artificial insemination, nothing really beats a fresh specimen delivered right to the bitch.
Artifical Insemination
Why Artificial Insemination? Artificial insemination is proven to be the most reliable and effective way of pregnancy.
The experience of our vets and their affiliations, has established our Clinic as one of the leading clinics in the UK.

Over many years we have gained experience in dog breeding and litter whelping.

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