Ichromax Progesterone Machine

No more fearing you have missed a breeding date or feeling stressed as your bitch’s due date approaches. This fantastic machine will offer informative scientific data and tell you exactly when the bitch’s eggs will be fertile, which is important with all breedings, but especially so with fresh chilled semen and with frozen semen.

Prior to coming in season (estrus), serum progesterone levels in the bitch are low, less than 2ng (ng=nanograms). As the cycle continues, progesterone levels slowly climb to a level of 5ng, upon which ovulation occurs. The ovulation date can be as early as day 7 and as late as day 27 of the estrous cycle, emphasizing the importance of the blood test.

Having an accurate ovulation date at the beginning of a pregnancy is also very important at the end of a pregnancy. A bitch’s due date is 63 days from ovulation, regardless of breeding days. This is extremely valuable for planned C-sections, due to such factors as breed conformation, litter size, prior medical history, or complications arising during the pregnancy. It is also very helpful when whelping. Knowing an exact due date not only helps breeders prepare for the arrival of a litter, but, often more importantly, it can alert us to a premature or overdue labour, allowing for prompt medical intervention if needed.

The Incubator

The incubator is invaluable for rearing puppies (premature, poorly or needing extra TLC). It keeps the pups at the correct temperature and gives them the correct amount of oxygen, so you know all the puppies are safe and sound and you have a peace of mind. It’s a very professional piece of kit and every breeder would benefit from having one of these.