Advantages of Canine Artificial Insemination

Allows breeders to facilitate breeding that could not happen through other means

The option of either chilled semen or frozen semen being shipped internationally makes the need for transporting either female or male dogs between countries much less important or common and results in decreased stress levels for both animals

Through artificial insemination even older dogs that are no longer interested in mating, or even younger dogs that are physically unable to breed can be used in semen collection processes at no risk or stress to the dog

Older dogs with a low sperm count or poor sperm motility the collection process can allow the technician to correctly calculate the live sperm necessary for each insemination tube

In some cases artificial insemination is also the only option for females that may show no interest in breeding

In addition artificial insemination helps to prevent the possibility of disease being spread between the male and female. While most dogs are tested for common infectious diseases including those that are sexually transmitted, there is always the risk of injury during mating that may cause infections in either the male or female. The sterile method of insemination helps prevent the disease being spread

Breeders can use AI to enhance the genetics of the kennel

Frozen semen can be stored for long periods and remain viable

It’s a fantastic service open to all dog breeders