Ultasound Scanning

We offer friendly and reliable Canine Ultrasound Scanning and have a wealth of experience with many years of scanning a huge variety of breeds, ranging from Chihuahuas to Bulldogs to Spaniels, Labradors right up to Great Danes.

We use a professional scanner from a leading manufacturer and we are able to freeze the picture and take pictures for your puppy packs. Please ensure you ask for this if required.

Scans can be carried out from day 28 from the last mating in most breeds but scans can take place any time after this point. The optimum time is around 30/32 days to provide a good guestimate on *age and numbers. We cannot be held responsible if you bring your bitch too early as this often results in an false/negative or inconclusive scan and a second (chargeable) scan may then required.*

Scanning is non invasive and safe there is no need to anesthetise or sedate your bitch, scanning can be carried out while your dog is stood or laying down which ever your bitch is happiest with. Your bitches wellbeing is our priority and we ensure we work in a calm, gentle and methodical manner so as not to upset or unsettle her. We use a safe water based gel on her abdomen to ensure a clear picture.